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Gift Boxes

  • Southern Charm

    Southern Charm

    The most charming box of all including, Green Hill, Thomasville Tomme, Asher Blue and Pimento Cheese, Savannah Bee Company honey, Olli salami and Fine Cheese Company rosemary crackers.
  • The Essentials

    The Essentials

    This box is simple yet elegant and showcases our top best selling cheeses - Green Hill, Thomasville Tomme and Lil' Moo paired with Fine Cheese Company Rosemary crackers.
  • Taste of Thomasville

    Taste of Thomasville

    Bring the Best of Thomasville to you or yours.  Thomasville Tomme, Asher Blue, Green Hill, crackers and featuring Thomasville's own Blackberry Patch Strawberry Fig Jam.
  • Family Reunion

    Family Reunion

    This box pleases all family members with Green Hill, Asher Blue, Thomasville Tomme, Heat, Lovely, Fine Cheese Company rosemary crackers, Blackberry Patch Preserves, Georgia Pecans and Olli Napoli salami.
  • Perfect Pairing Gift Box

    Perfect Pairing Gift Box

    A collaborative effort between Blackberry Patch and Sweet Grass Dairy. We have paired the Blueberry, Lemon, Thyme preserves with 8 oz of our French farmhouse, naturally rinded Thomasville Tomme. Our soft-ripened Green Hill is paired with the Peach, Bourbon, Cardamom preserve.

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Our Cheese

  • Lil' Moo

    Lil' Moo

    Fresh tangy cow's milk cheese with endless possibilities. Approximately 8 oz, Lil’ Moo spreads better than butter on warm French bread or layers on a cracker with jam or capers..
  • Pimento


    Approximately 6 oz, a truly unique spread using one of our most popular cheeses, this "made from scratch" pimento cheese is truly irresistible!
  • Green Hill

    Green Hill

    Approximately 7.5 oz, Our most popular cheese. A pasteurized, soft-ripened, double-cream cow's milk cheese handcrafted in a camembert style. Of all our cheeses, this one highlights the grass-based milk the most.
  • Thomasville Tomme

    Thomasville Tomme

    Approximately 8 oz, This is our table cheese and is made in the style of a French Pyrenees mountain farmhouse tomme.
  • Asher Blue

    Asher Blue

    Approximately 8 oz, Asher Blue has a unique natural rind and creamy-crumbly texture. This Blue has slightly pungent, mushroomy aromas and earthy, grassy flavors with an unexpectedly mild, salty finish.
  • Heat


    Approximately 8oz. Our aged, raw, cow's milk cheese flavored with an array of chiles and spices.
  • Lil' Moo Garlic & Chive

    Lil' Moo Garlic & Chive

    Fresh tangy cow's milk cheese with added Garlic and Chive flavor. Approximately 8 oz, Lil’ Moo Garlic & Chive id delicious as a spread or dip for veggies.
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Everything Else

  • Rosemary Crackers

    Rosemary Crackers

    Rosemary Crackers by The Fine Cheese Co. Fragrant and delicate, for soft cheeses.
  • Savannah Bee Honey for Cheese

    Savannah Bee Honey for Cheese

    3oz of pure Southern Charm. We pair this honey with all of our cheeses.
  • Blackberry Patch Jam

    Blackberry Patch Jam

    Strawberry Fig Jam made locally in Thomasville, Georgia.
  • Schermer Pecans

    Schermer Pecans

    Roasted and salted pecans, harvested from Georgia groves.
  • Olli Salami

    Olli Salami

    Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor.

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