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Pim's Holiday Picks Bundle

Why order one, when you can have all 3?! This bundle includes: 
  • 2 pieces of Hoppy Days
  • 2 pieces of Clayburne
  • 2 pieces of Swiss Style 
Hoppy Daze Description:  The inspiration behind Hoppy Daze was created when the question was raised -- "what type of cheese would pair really well with beer?" in our minds, we evolved the answer to present yet another question -- "what if we make a cheese that pairs well with beer because it tastes like beer?" Then, Hoppy Daze was created. Hoppy Daze is a raw cow's milk cheese that is similar in style to a Gouda. The milk has been steeped overnight in hops from Creature Comforts Brewing in Athens, GA giving it a tangy and earthy flavor with a long hoppy finish. Hoppy Daze has a complexity that we've never experienced before in cheese.

Clayburne Description: Clayburne was a cheese originally created by our Founder and Co-owner's Mom, Desiree Wehner. The cheese was named after her son and our Farmer, Clay Wehner. She created this cheese when she was looking for a cheddar, but she wanted something that had more grassy and complex flavors. Clayburne is made in the traditional cheddar style, being cave-aged for 9 months. It has a firm and slightly crumbly texture with flavors of tangy brown butter and rich sweet cream, with a subtle grassy finish. 

Swiss Style Description:  A part of cheese making is happy accidents, where your intentions are for one product but the end result is something different and unexpected. That is where the Swiss Style was born. Developed as a Gouda but turned into a cheese akin to Swiss. You get the nutty, sweet flavor and iconic eye formation of a Swiss with the creaminess and meltability of a Gouda making for an ultra-tasty and delicious cheese that can be used in many applications.


From our family to yours, welcome to the herd!

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