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BLT Pimento Cheese Sandwich

BLT with Pimento Cheese

BLT Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Difficulty level: Easy  

Ingredients: To make 2 sandwiches

    • 4 slices bread
    • 4-6 slices bacon
    • 4-6 leaves romaine lettuce 
    • 4-6 slices ripe tomato
    • 1/2 cup Sweet Grass Dairy Pimento Cheese
    • 2 tablespoon Duke's Mayonnaise 


    1. Cook the bacon until golden and crispy. This can be done in the oven or in a skillet on the stove.
    2. Place bacon on paper towels and pat dry.
    3. Use a toaster to lightly toast your bread or place it on the very same skillet you used for the bacon. Toast on medium-low heat.
    4. Spread Duke's Mayo on two slices of bread and pimento cheese on the other half.
    5. Top with bacon, lettuce, tomato and the remaining slice of toast.
    6. Enjoy!


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